Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gradients on my mind

A Groovy Good Morning to everyone!! I know I talked about posting my "Hunger Games Mani" today but I did the Mani and after looking at the pictures, I'm just unhappy with how it came out. I'll be taking another shot at it really soon, so don't think I forgot about it. I mean, how can I? I have all those amazing polishes just calling my name.

I do however have a design for you today that includes one of the Hunger Games polishes, Stone Cold. I've been almost obsessed with doing gradients lately and I'm just letting that impulse run rampant since it's something I do well. Now, on to the pictures!

I originally stamped the flower on, but even with such a dark color, it came out very faint looking and the bottom 2/3 of the flower was barely visible. So, I just took a fine tipped brush and the actual polish color and darkened it. It doesn't show well in the photos, but I made a center dot from a gold holo polish by Color Club's Art Club. I really liked this color combo and I thought about this specific gradient when I was in Sally's buying the polish. I realized the silver foil I was looking to get for stamping would look awesome with it - that put it at the top of my "to-do-NOW" list.  It vaguely reminds me of the book cover for Hunger Games, at least as far as the color scheme goes. One more pictures because I really love the colors.

I love that colors are bold but not LOUD. I personally love to wear loud colors on my fingers but not everyone does, so I try to come up with designs that fall into that. What do you think? Is it bold but quietly so?

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